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Why Powerlet?

Powerlet manufactures rugged electrical devices and cables for the cold, wet and high vibration powersport environment.For years, Powerlet's founder recognized the need fordependable wiring products designed specifically for the powersportindustry. By offering the most complete line of expertly engineeredpower outlet kits, cables, connectors, mounting systems, Luggage Electrix, and heated clothing,Powerlet customers can fully enjoy any modern electronic device whileusing their motorcycle, scooter, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle(ATV), utility vehicle (UTV) or personal watercraft (PWC).

Powerlet Connectors And The Powerlet Product Line

Originating as a durable electrical connector, authenticPowerlet connectors quickly grew in popularity throughout thepowersport industry. What started as a connector has developed intothe Powerlet Equipped product line. Today, Team Powerlet provides asystem of electrical components not found anywhere else in the world.A key to Powerlet's uniqueness is compatibility withtodays consumer electronics. So if you want to safely connect your new Apple 3Gs iPhone to your BMW motorcycle, look to Powerlet for a reliable powersport solution.

Powerlet Equipped - One Outlet Does It All

The Powerlet Equipped System is a group of power outlets,cables and electrical devices that are engineered to work together.All of these outlet kits, cables and devices use the popular Powerletplug or socket (connectors). Designed for simple plug & playoperation, a single 12V Powerlet outlet can now power virtually anyelectronic device. Need a rugged iPod or mini-USB cable designed forpowersport use? Want to power heated clothing or use your favorite battery charger? Genuine Powerlet connectors can also be installed on all brands of motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs and snowmobiles including Aprilia, Buell, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Moto-Guzzi, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and others.One outlet can do it all when your vehicle is Powerlet Equipped.

Who Uses Powerlet Compatible Connectors?

Six of the eleven major Powersport vehicle manufacturers use Genuine Powerlet or 'Compatible with Powerlet' power outlets over cigarette power outlets. BMW, Ducati, KTM, Indian, Triumph, Victory andJohn Deere vehicles use 'Compatible With Powerlet' connectors.Genuine Powerlet plugs and sockets are fully compatible with the manufacturer's factorypower outlets.All of the brands that come with a factory outlet can also have second and third outlets installed.

- Powersport Standard Connector

Powerlet connectors (outlets) conform to a worldwide DIN ISO standard and provide a "snap-fit" so they do not disconnect while you are driving. Automotive cigarette outlets lack a manufacturing standard often causing a loose fit. Cigarette connectors (outlets) are also not rated for high currents. Powerlet sockets are smaller, vibration proof and can handle more power than a standard automotive cigarette socket. Whether you are on the road, in the woods or on the snow, you can reliably power your consumer electronics with a Powerlet connector.

Gear Up For Vacation

Getting ready for a trip? Need Powerlet parts overnight? Noproblem, it happens all the time. Call our customer service reps at 586-932-6886 and let them know you are in a pinch. Or, if itis after hours, select one of our extensive overnight shipping optionson-line. We will even ship to a hotel when you are out on the road.Think of it as factory support, anytime, anywhere.

How Do I Become Powerlet Equipped?

Becoming Powerlet Equipped is easy. You can see our products ata local Powerlet Authorized Dealer, visit one of the many websites that offer Powerlet Products,or if you prefer select our ShopBy Vehicle tool on our Products Page. This tool will help you identifywhich Powerlet Socket Kit best fits your specific motorcycle, budgetand needs. We will then send the kit to your home, business or localdealer for installation. Please enjoy the benefits of being PowerletEquipped responsibly - ride safe.

What About ATV's?

Currently, the Powerlet website supports motorcycles andscooters. For help with sales and installations of the Powerletproduct line on snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs and personal watercraft,please call 586-932-6886 and ask for Non-MotorcycleTechnical Support. Team Powerlet looks forward to providing on-linesupport in the future for all powersport vehicles.