A Multimedia Development and Animation Production Company

. . . with a Focus on Quality, Character-Driven Content

PREMISE Entertainment is a premiere media-based production company specializing in visual storytelling and character development for animation and live action productions.  Premise Entertainment is a developer of original content and Intellectual Properties.  The studio consist of industry professionals, and former Walt Disney Feature Animation colleagues, and live action film veterans located in Orlando Florida.  Premise is an originator of creative content as well as a support and Co-Production studio for Film, Television, Publishing and Web-based media. Premise services include a creative agency and outsource support as a development and partner production company.


PREMISE Entertainment maintains a focus on quality character-driven content from development and story concept all the way through production to final compositing, editorial and post.  Premise proudly associates its services with highly reputable clients, projects, artists and Co-Production studios.

Premise Creative is the place for anyone that has an inkling, conceptual idea or a specific project that needs to be brought to life.  Whether you are an individual producer, creative director or a studio executive tasked with delivering a creative visual storytelling project to fruition, Premise Creative is the place to start and have it envisioned, produced and finished with quality!


This is also the place where Clients become Colleagues, as they utilize the expertise of the Premise Entertainment teams and its leadership in executing a vast array of various sized projects of differing scope and budget parameters.


Almost no project is too small or too large.  Whether its character development, visual development or story development Premise Creative will have you covered.  We have created multimedia projects in many genres and areas such as E-Books, commercials, apps, video games, television or full feature length films, each and every one is treated with excellence.  Since we know our work is out there forever, it's our mission to deliver it at the highest quality possible as our calling card.


Premise projects always go through the quality assurance of Studio leadership.

"Every Client we have had over the last 10 years, has pretty much become colleagues in some way.  And we enjoy having them return in one capacity or another, year after year."


We look forward to bringing your project to life!

Premise Entertainment is a full service multimedia production studio with a focus on quality, character-driven content.

Located in sunny

Orlando, Florida

Premise offers scheduled single day and multi-day drawing workshop events each quarter of the year.


These workshops are designed for those interested in any of the following fields including animation, gaming, comic book illustration, or just becoming a better artist able to utilize your talents through visual storytelling.

Principle ARTS Workshops

Sponsored by Premise Entertainment


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