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Lawn Care, Landscape, Fall Cleanups, Snow Plowing Southern Maine

Since 1984 PCU Enterprises has served the lawn care and landscape needs of Biddeford, Saco, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells, Sanford and Buxton, Maine

PCU Enterprises provides Lawn Care Services to our customers. Moreover; were a well-established business serving York and Cumberland counties in Southern Maine. Our route now also includes Scarborough and nearby communities.
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Lawn Care Services is a primary focus at P.C.U. Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance. Also; we offer a full range of services to suit our customer’s needs. Our goal is to build you a lawn and landscape that you can be proud of and enjoy. Moreover; we are professionally equipped to maintain your grounds regularly.

Should you require expert Lawn Care Services, please give us a call. Additionally; we also operate state of the art commercial grass cutting equipment. And if a Fall cleanup is needed, we do a quick, efficient, and clean job. In fact; our customers often rave about this and other Lawn Care Services we offer. Additionally; helping our customers green up their grass, is rewarding to us. Finally; If you can appreciate quality work at a fair price, you’ve come to the right place!

Organic Based Fertilizer Protects Soil

We offer natural and organic based fertilizer programs. Because; this protects the soil and enhances the health and beauty of your grass. So; if your lawn is showing signs of decline, we can improve that condition over time. Let us put 35 years of experience with lawn renovation and over-seeding to work for you. Also; if your grass is choking from dense thatch, we can improve that condition. We believe that experience in Lawn Care Services brings confidence to the job. So; we are well equipped to remove matted debris efficiently. And we offer comprehensive season-long programs and services to keep your grounds looking great.

Additionally; work can also include edging your garden beds, driveways, and walkways to perfection! A garden overrun with weeds can be corrected by digging them out and cultivating the soil. Additionally; creating garden beds also accents a yard beautifully. But we recommend our customers call us early for this service. Designing gardens, and filling them with beautiful plantings is always a labor of love.

Lawn Care Doesn’t End Here

In this age, a garden isn’t complete without a layer of mulch? Therefore; we can provide it in every favorite color to suit our customer. We can either deliver it to them to apply Or; do the entire job. Unfortunately; if a storm blows a tree down onto a customers landscape, we’ll often remove it. Also; repair damaged to the areas is offered. Stump grinding is an option if our customer doesn’t want to see the stump. Moreover; loam and seed are applied if our customers prefer.

We offer a pruning service that is unique to every job. Yes; our “Original” Bushmaster Intuitive Pruning Method has received much praise through the years. Honestly; this unique service not only enhances the visual appeal of shrubs but also helps them thrive.
Moreover; this specialty service will create gardens your neighbors will envy. Our BushMaster pruning service is so unique and specialized that other contractors have tried to duplicate it. Fact is; there’s only one BushMaster Intuitive Pruning Method. Accept No Substitutes or copycat work.

PCU Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance can apply beneficial insects on your lawn and landscape. Because; these little critters will work while you sleep to enhance your grounds. We can also deliver our rich compost fortified loam. Besides; we can also provide our humus rich fertile compost for acid-loving plants. Moreover; composted manure is also available for garden enthusiasts.

Services Defined

  • Grass cutting and trimming
  • Fall yard cleanup, (Also offer Spring cleanups )
  • Fertilizer programs, (Organic based)
  • Lawn Over-seeding, Renovation, and Dethatching
  • Garden – Weeding, Installations, Mulching
  • Downed tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • BushMaster Intuitive Pruning Method (Our original, unique method)
  • Beneficial Insects

Lawn Care Services – (Deliveries)

  • Loam, (Compost enriched)
  • Compost, (Rich, fertile, condensed, high humus)
  • Bark mulch, (All colors) 
  • Edging of garden beds, driveways, and walkways

Experience Matters

Established in 1984, PCU Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance have been an innovator and leader in the business.
Moreover; We have built a reputation for uncompromising quality work. Yes; that’s 35 Years of working in the trenches! In Fact; An art form is how some customers have described our work through the years.

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